Request New Gyms and PokeStops In Your Area

It is hard to deny the social impact that PokemonGO has had over the last week. It already has more active users than already popular phone apps like Tinder and Twitter. It has had a way to bring many different people together to enjoy the love of the game as well as create new friendships, or arch-rivals if you will.

Not all is glorious for all of the aspects of the game however. If you are like me, with a lack of gyms or PokeStops in your area, it can sometimes be bothersome. Luckily, Niantic and Nintendo understand your frustrations. Pokemon trainers can now request to have a gym or PokeStop installed into your local areas. This should be fantastic news for those individuals who literally have to trek across town just to receive a handful of Pokeballs to replenish your stock.

Request PokeStop - TICGN

Perhaps you want to submit to have your own home as a gym? I don’t recommend it because that invites potential trouble, but it sounds neat. While there is no guarantee that you will receive the requested landmarks, it is good to know that Niantic is listening.

Source: Niantic

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