Reminder: Claim Your Free OneDrive Space This Weekend Or You Will Lose It

If you have not yet claimed your free 15GB of cloud storage space from Microsoft OneDrive, you should do it now because the offer ends on January 31st.

OneDrive provides users with an allotment of space to store their photos, videos and other files online. These files can then be shared with others using a variety of internet connected devices. Microsoft had originally planned to provide free cloud storage to all Microsoft account holders but the offer was withdrawn when a number of users began abusing the service.

Microsoft then offered 15GB of free cloud storage but users must opt in to the service. Those of you who enjoy taking lots of screenshots and gameplay clips from your Xbox One consoles should consider signing up.

If you want to claim your free 15GB of storage, simply click here and follow the instructions. It only takes a few moments.

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