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Remember Owen from the Xbox Adaptive Controller Ad? He Has A Youtube Channel and It’s Great

There is no doubt that one of the best advertisements that we saw during the Super Bowl was the Xbox Adaptive Controller ad. Which features many different kids with varying disabilities that prevented them from being able to fully enjoy gaming. Through the Xbox Adaptive Controller, these great kids shared how they felt like they were on a more level playing field with this specially designed controller.

One of the kids that really stood out due to his high energy was the young man named Owen. You could really feel his passion for gaming which in itself heartwarming. Thanks to a Twitter post from a great gentleman I follow it was brought to my attention that this young man had a Youtube channel. On Owen’s channel, he covers a wide variety of topics. From his thoughts on games, he is playing, to his most recent videos where he explains the in’s and out’s of the Xbox Adaptive Controller. In the short time I have been writing about video games, very rarely do I get an opportunity to signal boost something that truly warms my heart quite like this. With accessibility in everyday life and video games slowly getting better with still a long way to go great people like Owen should be at the front of our minds. I very much encourage you to go check out, give feedback and subscribe to this amazing young man. Gaming is for everyone, and I truly believe we are slowly making gaming more accessible then it has ever been. But we need to keep pushing for kids like Owen.

You can find his YouTube channel here.

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