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Remedy’s Next Game Is Already In Development

Although they just launched Quantum Break, it appears that Remedy Entertainment is already hard at work on their next game and have been for some time!

The Linked-In profiles of Kyle Rowley (Lead Designer) and Mikko Rautalahti (Narrative Lead) show that they’ve been working on an unannounced game; it’s also revealed on their profiles that the game has been in development for at least 9 months, as that is how long Rowley has been working on the game. It’s possible that Remedy has been working on the game for longer than that.

The new game is, obviously, a mystery but there are few possible candidates; it could be a sequel to either Quantum Break or Alan Wake, it could be a new IP entirely or it could be a small downloadable title similar to Alan Wake: American Nightmare. You can never tell what Remedy will do next, though there has been a lot of evidence recently that hints at Remedy going back to the Alan Wake series for their next project.

In the meantime, if you want to see what we think of Remedy’s latest game check out our review of Quantum Break or perhaps read up on why we want Alan Wake to return.

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