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Remedy Trademarks “Alan Wake’s Return”

Alan Wake was one of the Xbox 360’s most popular exclusives; it started off small but it eventually gained a cult following. The series has been dormant ever since the release of the Xbox Live Arcade game Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, but it seems like a new game in the series might be Remedy’s next project.

A trademark has shown up from Remedy in the European Union database for Alan Wake’s Return. While this doesn’t guarantee that a new game is on the way, it makes it look extremely likely that it is or that Remedy is highly interested in making it happen.

The last we heard of an Alan Wake sequel is that Remedy was pitching it to various studios. Though it seems likely that Microsoft would pick up the game if anyone was to; Microsoft and Remedy have had a great relationship together. Microsoft has also had a recent focus of having a wide variety of exclusives in different genres and an Alan Wake game would cover the horror genre.


Remedy’s next game Quantum Break will come with a free copy of Alan Wake  when it launche April 5 on Xbox One and Windows 10.

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