Red Dead Redemption DLC is Free

Red Dead Redemption for All

Rockstar has just made several of the DLC for the game Red Dead Redemption free. This news comes after the announcement that Red Dead Redemption would come to Xbox One via Backwards Compatibility, which was very welcomed by gamers. It caused sales of the Rockstar game to skyrocket on Amazon.

Rumors have been mumbling  that a sequel to the Western styled game would appear in the immediate future. Seeing as how the game has jumped in interest over 1,000%, it could spark Rockstar to indeed think of a sequel if it has already not done so.

Although several of the DLC are offered free, the undead DLC is not. Arguably the most popular, Undead Nightmare is the cowboy zombie game nobody knew they wanted. With the reduced price and single DLC now needed to have the complete Red Dead experience, gamers may want to opt for the digital version of the game instead of purchasing the physical complete edition on Amazon.

To download the Red Dead Redemption DLC follow this link. If it doesn’t work, make sure to have the correct region on the Xbox website.

Red Dead’s Undead Nightmare is a Hell of a Ride

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