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Red Dead Redemption and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Now Playable On Xbox One Via Backwards Compatibility

Ask and you shall receive.

Ever since Microsoft announced the backwards compatibility feature during the E3 2015 press conference players have flocked to the user voice forums to request their favorite Xbox 360 games to be made playable on Xbox One. It is a diverse list of games ranging from Skyrim to various Call of Duty titles, Grand Theft Auto IV, Mass Effect 3 and even the Arkham series. As of this writing, Red Dead Redemption is the third most requested game on that list.

While Red Dead Redemption has not been officially announced for the backwards compatibility program, players have been able to run the game with a fairly convoluted workaround. You will need to find a user profile for somebody who already owns the game. Go to the Following & Followers tab and then filter the results so only games will show. Click on Red Dead Redemption and then click the button to view the game in the Xbox Marketplace. You will then be able to install the game to your Xbox One console. It appears that this only works for now if you own a digital copy of Red Dead Redemption.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 also appear to be playable on Xbox One.

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