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Recore Definitive Edition Spotted Under Xbox Achievements

Rumors have been spiraling around the net on a possible Recore expansion arriving sometime in the future and today a solid piece of evidence emerged right on the Xbox itself. Reddit user smlfan123 noticed a slight change on the Xbox Achievement list. The box art for Recore had been freshly updated to a new Definitive Edition graphic similar looking to the visuals presented at past E3’s. The new updated visual all but confirms that a new Definitive Edition is indeed being planned for release soon.

Recore Definitive Edition Box Art Achievement

Recore was highly criticized on launch day for having several issues such as long load times and missing content. One major detail gamers were quick to point out is that one of the bots on the original box art isn’t playable in the game. It would later be revealed that the bot would arrive in an update for the game but that never came. Developer Armature Studios tweeted out that the content was still being worked on along with several other surprises.

The main question on everyone’s mind is whether or not this will be a paid upgrade or a free download to existing owners. Having been burned with issues on launch day and the missing content, certain gamers have lampooned the thought of having to pay for a Definitive Edition. With that in mind it should be noted that the box art update could mean that existing owners will receive the content without a charge. After all, Ori and the Blind Forest has a Definitive Edition but that does not update over the original game like Recore’s Definitive Edition seems to be doing.

Time will tell on what will be the fate of Joule and Far Eden. Perhaps Recore may surprise you with a bigger content update than expected. For more gaming news follow us @TiCGameNetwork on Twitter and Facebook.


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