Rayman Legends Gets An Update On Nintendo Switch

Rayman Legends is a great game and it’s highly recommended no matter what platform you get it for. However, the title’s Definitive Edition release on the Nintendo Switch ironically had some minor issues on launch day. The loading times and performance weren’t quite up to par with other versions of the game. Fortunately, Ubisoft didn’t just sit on these issues with no resolution in sight; there is now a patch available rectifying these matters. The following is from their patch notes:

We appreciate your patience concerning performance issues that some of you may have encountered while playing Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition on the Nintendo Switch. This latest patch, available for download now, reduces loading times between levels and fixes frame rate-related issues as well.

The issues appear to have come from the fact that Ubisoft opted for 4GB Switch cartridges to lower production costs, forcing themselves to compress Rayman Legends to fit onto the cartridge as a result. This is far from the only instance where publishers try lowering costs by utilizing cartridges that would still require players to download data; Rockstar Games and Bethesda are going to follow suit with their releases of titles such as Doom and L.A. Noire.

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