Rare Provides a Sea of Thieves Launch Status Update

If you’re one of the players who has been frustrated by Sea of Thieves‘ server issues, you’re not alone. Fortunately, Rare is working around the clock to fix every issue. Studio Head Craig Duncan has put together a video alongside Executive Producer Joe Neate to give a Sea of Thieves launch status update.

Here’s the Sea of Thieves launch status update: 

If you didn’t watch the video, here’s the basic rundown: 

Players are experiencing five main issues:

  • Having issues accessing the game during peak hours
  • Delayed rewards/gold from quests
  • Delayed achievements
  • Missing items
  • Xbox One X performance issues

So, Craig Duncan and Joe Neate address each of these issues in order. To start, the servers have simply been swamped, and there were far more players than anticipated from the open beta. While over 250 thousand players took part in the last beta, well over a million unique players have been playing Sea of Thieves since launch, so they’ve had to adjust their severs for the unanticipated strain. While intermittent issues may still be present, this problem shouldn’t be as bad as it was at launch.

Next, the delayed rewards. They aren’t lost, just delayed. All your rewards are safe, they’ve just been having issues getting them to you on time due to server strain. The same goes for the achievements, all your earned achievements should eventually unlock, it’s just going to take some time.

Finally, the missing items. While not many players have experienced this issue, this is unfortunately a flat-out bug, and one that will require a small patch. Rare is currently testing to see if there’s anything else that’ll need patching at the same time before this client update is rolled out. Finally, the Xbox One X performance issues. They’ve identified some areas that may be causing it, but the engineers need to run some more tests. Craig and Joe finish by saying that Rare will continue to provide regular updates and ask for as much feedback as possible.

While issues like this are always a disappointment, I’m glad to see Rare taking an incredibly transparent approach here and hopefully all these issues get taken care of soon. On a side note, it’s pretty incredible that there’s already been over one million unique players. While I’m sure that number is bolstered heavily because of Game Pass, it’s still great to see.

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