Rampage the Movie Drops a Trailer

The Dwayne Johnson backed movie Rampage has a trailer. The movie is based off that arcade classic that pits players against each other as giant monsters. In the film Dwayne Johnson works at a Zoo. His character is friends with the main monster.


In the trailer you notice that the three monsters are all represented. It seems like just about every movie Dwayne Johnson stars in has been gold. I don’t know if this video game adaptation will be apart of that. If your looking to play the game then all you can dust of your Xbox 360 or PS 2. The game is apart of the Midway Arcade Origins for the Xbox 360 and the game has a recent(2006) sequel on the PS2, Gamecube, and Wii. That game is called Rampage: Total Destruction.

The movie Rampage is set to be released on April 18th, 2018. Enjoy another trailer showing the next Dwayne Johnson film, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

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