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Making a “raid ready” build in The Division 2

Making a raid ready build in Tom Clancy’s: The Division 2 can be a challenge at the best of times, however if you are new to the game, it can seem almost impossible.

The truth of the matter is it’s really not that hard if you have a basic guideline to follow.

Below I have put together a cookie cutter build that will keep you on your feet long enough to get through the raid, and give you enough firepower that you will be useful.

This is a great starting point as going through the process of making this build not only gets you ready to learn and run the raid, but also teaches you the intricacies of refining and optimizing your builds.

I’ve used a build that is not yet optimized but easily gets me through the raid to demonstrate that you don’t need a powerful build to be able to complete the raid, you simply need one that is relevant.

Here’s a quick overview of the max rolls you will try to achieve, noting specific brand sets and talents:

Build Overview – Breakdown included below table
Weapons: Primary: AR Secondary: MMR Sidearm – Stop, Drop, Roll
Mask: 57% Damage to Elites 57% Hazard Protection Talent if possible
Backpack: 13.5% Weapon Damage 37,917 or 26.5% Armor Talent if possible
Chest Piece: 18% Weapon Damage 51,916 or 36.5% Armor Talent – Unbreakable
Gloves: 13% Assault Rifle Damage 21,640 Health                   or 39% Hazard Protection
Holster: Gila Jackrabbit Holster 45,536 Health 16.5 CHC or CHD
Knees: Fenris Group Hard Hitting & Patients 13.5% Armor


You are likely to sit on around the 45-50% mark for Damage to Elites and Hazard Protection for a while, farming is the only way to improve those stats and get closer to the 57% mark. Same with weapon damage and armor %, just keep saving aside your best rolls so you can recalibrate our build gear.



This comes down to personal choice really, however for the purpose of this “raid ready” build we are going to recommend using an Assault Rifle (AR). You will only be able to use the best of what you have at the time. Things to take into consideration are:

  • Damage Vs RPM
  • Active Talents
  • Base stability and accuracy

You want both your damage and RPM to be as high as you can get them, but not at the sacrifice of talents that are useful to you, and stability/accuracy. So grab an AR that appears to be your best with relevant talents to your play style and get down to the firing range for some practice.

raid ready


I highly recommend the Nemesis as your secondary weapon. If you have not already completed the invaded strongholds to get your pieces to construct it then default to a Surplus SVD or similar in the meantime.

The Nemesis has a 15% damage bonus for head-shots when holstered if your primary weapon is using the 3.4 zoom sight. It’s a great combination.

raid ready


Nothing to really worry about here for the time being however, I prefer to run a pistol that has Stop, Drop and Roll on it which removes status effects by rolling. There are a lot of really beneficial holstered perks so just find one that suits you for the moment. When you start refining your build you can then worry about what talents you have on it, including the Perfect Talent variations.

I currently run the Orbit, as shown below, as this can greatly improve my critical hit chance and damage when used at the right time.

You can find out more information about the Perfect Talent rolls for weapons and gear pieces, added to the game during TU6, here.

raid ready


Depending on what role you play in the raid will dictate what specialization you need. I suggest starting with Sharpshooter as you will most likely be put on a generator responsible for grenades, or ads 1-2. These are good spots to learn from and having a TAC-50 will mean you can help with damage to the wings (that will all make sense when you start learning the raid).

Also keep in mind when looking at what mods you are adding to your build, that the TAC-50 is not an MMR, it’s a rifle.

Gear Pieces:


For the mask your best combination here is Damage to Elites (DTE) and Hazard Protection (HP).

The max roll for both DTE and HP is 57% which can only be achieved on the mask.

You can be flexible with the talent that you have on your mask, many prefer to have Hard Hitting which provides an additional 25% DTE. Hard Hitting is a UNIQUE talent which means it doesn’t stack so you can’t have it in your build more than once without it being a waste of space. For this reason I prefer to use Insulated as mask talent, or as shown below the perfect version of it: The Hallow Man.

Because I have the Perfectly Insulated talent on this mask I can afford to have a low roll of 19%HP in the attributes as it is well and truly made up for by the talent.

raid ready


On your backpack you are aiming for high weapon damage and armor.

The highest weapon damage roll is 13.5% (not that anyone has ever seen it), and the highest armor is 37,917 (total armor) or 26.5%.

Depending on which brand set you use will dictate on how many attributes, talents and mod slots you have available. To make your life easier just focus on the weapon and armor rolls for the time being.

raid ready


This gear piece will be the center piece of your build. For this particular build I’d like you to use the “Unbreakable Talent”.

Unbreakable gives you 70% of your armor back once depleted. This can occur once every 60 seconds. It’s basically like having a life insurance policy written into your build.

The band set you have this on is up to you however you want to choose a brand set that is relevant to your build. Please see below for more details about brand sets.

For attributes again, you want to aim for high weapon damage and high armor. The highest role for weapon damage on chest is 18% (I haven’t seen any higher than 16.5 though), the highest role for armor is 51,916 or 36.5%.

raid ready


Your options are quite limited when it comes to attributes on gloves. The choices are: Health, Health as a %, Armour Regen, Hazard Protection, Crit Hit Chance (CHC), and weapon specific damage.

For the purposes of this build focus on weapon specific damage (AR) which can now go up to 13%.

You will see in the image below that I have chosen to go with HP as well, which gives me a total of 104% HP. I can basically sit in a burning building and eat a sandwich without taking any damage. It’s up to you what path you take here however I recommend going with either Health, CHC, or HP.

raid ready


This one is easy. Gila Guard Jackrabbit holster. These give you two attributes and two mod slots. I have used my two attributes to cram in a bunch of health, and my two red mod slots to boost up my weapon damage.

raid ready


Fenris Group with the two talents being Patients and Hard Hitting (if you have used hard hitting elsewhere in your build opt for another talent that is relevant to your build).

Knees are quite restricted when it comes to variations in attributes, so for this build just focus on Armour % with the highest roll being 13.5%.

raid readyOnce you have these items together you can start refining your “raid ready” build. You do this by ensuring that you don’t have any duplicate UNIQUE talents, or several yellow attributes and mod slots. Given that his build is focused on weapon damage an armor, there is no point in having yellow spots in your build.

Other things to look for are:

  • Do I only have armor %? If so you will need to swap some out for armor as a total. 60% of zero is still zero.
  • Am I getting brand set bonuses that have no relevance to my build? See below for more info on brand sets.
  • Do I have 11 blues in my build so that Unbreakable is active?
  • Do I have an excessive amount of blues in my build (12-15)? Can I afford to replace one or two with a red for more weapon damage?

Work on refining these issues and you will pump more weapon damage and armor into your build as a result.


Each brand set comes with its own set of bonuses, number of attributes and mod slots, along with talent placement. There are a variety of green gear sets such as True Patriot, Ongoing Directive, Aces & 8s etc., however for the purpose of this build we won’t be looking into those.

The key thing to remember about brand sets is to choose pieces that are relevant to your build. In the build shown in the pictures above I am using 2 x Gila Guard, 2 x Yaahl, 1 x Fenris, 1 x badger Tuff. This means my build is benefiting from an additional:

–          5% Armor (Gila)

–          20% Hazard Protection (Gila)

–          10% Hazard Projection (Yaahl)

–          5% Weapon Damage (Yaahl)

–          10% Assault Rifle Damage (Fenris)

–          7% Damage to Elites (Badger)

All of these brand set bonuses are relevant to my build because I am going for high weapon damage, high armor, and high hazard protection.

Ultimately though, this build would benefit from losing one piece of Gila Guard and replacing it with a second piece of Fenris, or Wyvern, or even 5.11 Tactical. Because I have high hazard protection on my mask and gloves I have already passed the 120% mark, so having that additional 20% for the second piece of Gila is a waste of a bonus slot.

See below for a breakdown of the brand sets:


5.11 Tactical
1 Piece Bonus 2 Piece Bonus 3 Piece Bonus
5% Protection from Elites 10% Extra Incoming Healing +10% Weapon Handling
Airaldi Holdings
1 Piece Bonus 2 Piece Bonus 3 Piece Bonus
+10% Accuracy +10% Head-shot Damage +10% Marksman Rifle Damage
Alps Summit Armament
1 Piece Bonus 2 Piece Bonus 3 Piece Bonus
+20% Skill Haste +10% Skill Power 15% Hive Skill Power
Badger Tuff
1 Piece Bonus 2 Piece Bonus 3 Piece Bonus
+7% Damage to Elites +15% Armor % on Kill +15% Chem Launcher Skill Power
China Light Industries
1 Piece Bonus 2 Piece Bonus 3 Piece Bonus
+10% Explosives Damage +10% Shotgun Damage +20% Skill Haste
Douglas & Harding
1 Piece Bonus 2 Piece Bonus 3 Piece Bonus
+5% Accuracy +10.0% Critical Hit Damage +7% Critical Hit Chance
Fenris Group AB
1 Piece Bonus 2 Piece Bonus 3 Piece Bonus
+10% Assault Rifle Damage +10% Protection from Elites +20% Health on Kill
Gila Guard
1 Piece Bonus 2 Piece Bonus 3 Piece Bonus
+5% Total Armor +20% Hazard Protection +15% Pulse Skill Power
Murakami Industries
1 Piece Bonus 2 Piece Bonus 3 Piece Bonus
+8 Health +10% Hazard Protection +15% Firefly Skill Power
Overlord Armaments
1 Piece Bonus 2 Piece Bonus 3 Piece Bonus
+10% Rifle Damage +7.5% Total Armor +7% Damage to Elites
Petrov Defense Group
1 Piece Bonus 2 Piece Bonus 3 Piece Bonus
+10% LMG Damage +15% Turret Skill Power +20% Skill Haste
Providence Defense
1 Piece Bonus 2 Piece Bonus 3 Piece Bonus
+10% Skill Power +8% Health +5% Weapon Damage
Richter & Kaiser
1 Piece Bonus 2 Piece Bonus 3 Piece Bonus
+10% Hazard Protection +20% Pistol Damage +15% Shield Skill Power
Sokolov Concern
1 Piece Bonus 2 Piece Bonus 3 Piece Bonus
+10% SMG Damage +8% Critical Hit Damage +15% Seeker Skill Power
Wyvern Wear
1 Piece Bonus 2 Piece Bonus 3 Piece Bonus
+7% Critical Hit Damage +15% Drone Skill Power +10% Critical Hit Chance
Yaahl Gear
1 Piece Bonus 2 Piece Bonus 3 Piece Bonus
+10% Hazard Protection +5% Weapon Damage +40% Pulse Resistance


Creating a raid ready build isn’t an overnight task, it will take you a little while to grind for these pieces, rolls and brand sets that you are after however, once you are on the right track you can start raiding and continue refining your build over time. The raid is more about communication than it is your build. A strong build with good listening skills will get you a lot further than an optimized build being used by someone who just won’t listen.

The Division Builder site is another fun away to play around with build concepts and get an idea of what pieces you need to farm for.

You can keep up to date with scheduled maintenance and the corresponding patch notes via the The Division 2 website.

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