RAGE 2: TerrorMania Expansion Available now

Most players may have been done with RAGE 2 for some time now, Bethesda announced that the second DLC would be out before Thanksgiving that will bring those players back. RAGE 2: TerrorMania is now out for players to jump into. RAGE 2: Rise of the Ghosts was released not that long ago, that was the first expansion for the game.

Players will find themselves in a new area called the Deadlands. Bethesda explains the story of RAGE 2: TerrorMania like this:

“When some hapless Goons tear open a gateway to an alternate dimension called the Deadlands, it’s up to Ranger Walker to find a way to close it before the inhabitants of that creepy world make their way into the real world. You’ll explore the warped versions of familiar locations like Wellspring (Hellspring) and Overgrown City (Overbone City), as well as new areas like the Floating Islands and the Hospital as you track down fragments of the shattered NecroDisc in an effort to shut the gate for good.”

Players will explore the Deadlands, fight the army of the dead, and acquire the Sword of Transitus. You can purchase the DLC from the in-game store for $5 or buy the deluxe edition for $17. The deluxe edition of TerrerMania includes these wonderful digital items.

  • RAGE 2: TerrorMania expansion
  • Cult of the Death God mission
  • Reaper Assault Rifle weapon skin
  • Wasteland Celebrity Phoenix vehicle skin
  • Mutant Monster Truck vehicle skin

Don’t forget that RAGE 2 was just added to the Xbox Game Pass library. Take a trial run if you need to explore a wasteland that’s not Fallout 76 or Borderlands 3.


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