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Quiplash Releases June 30 on Xbox One


Quiplash is a new game from Jackbox games, the creators of the very popular game “Fibbage” and “You Don’t Know Jack,”which have already released on Xbox One in the Jackbox Party Pack. Quiplash plays in the same vain as Fibbage where up to 8 players use their phones, tablets or computers as controllers to enter in responses that show up on the TV for others players to vote. Each player logs into the game with their web enabled device by typing in the room key.

Quiplash differs a bit from Fibbage as there are no correct responses needed to win the game. For example “What are inappropriate things to do at a cemetery,” players then  respond with  anything that come to their minds. Then all players and up to 10,000 spectators can vote on the responses for points. The game structure is very popular for Twitch streaming and creates a lot of laugh out loud moments.  Since there are no correct answers and  no extra controllers needed anyone can play and have a great time. No price has been given yet, but be sure to check the game out when it releases on Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and Steam on June 30, 2015.

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