Quake Champions Announced, New World Championship Dated

Bethesda is resurrecting Quake in time for a brand new world championship!

Happening this year at QuakeCon, the Quake Championships will occur on August 26th with a promised one million dollar prize pool. As shown in the trailer, Bethesda is relying on the support of the community of the past 20 years to help drive excitement and interest in the game’s return to the eSports scene. Featured in the trailer are new arenas, the new B.J. Blazkowicz and plenty of trash talking from both the players and the in-game announcer.

Quake is still considered by many to be the game that helped drive shooters beyond the simple, visceral enjoyment that Doom created and into a more story-driven, critical thinking vehicle. Quake III: Arena was one of the first to rely heavily on multiplayer to sell the game and did so with a huge success rate.

To help along interest, the closed beta for the new Champions edition is available right now for the price of free, and keys are disappearing fast. If you have any love for Quake and want to get in on the action, I recommend to grab it now: the website is being constantly hammered and there’s no indication if keys are limited.

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