The Purge 4 is Coming Next Year

The Purge series seems to have no end in sight – even with the last movie showing the actual end of the event. It seems that the people behind the movie are looking to the past for future films in the series. In an interview with the Vulture, James DeMonaco the director of the first three movies had a few things to say.

When DeMonaco was asked about the plot of the fourth film he had this to say:

“It takes place on Staten Island which is cool — the first experimental Purge. Next July 4, it’ll be coming. Okay, let me think what I can give. I said it’s the first experimental Purge, which I don’t know if I was supposed to say, but now I’ve said it, so you have it.”

As the interview continues we learn that the Purge is being looked as something that can work on tv. The show will be set between the first event and the last one that. So somewhere in the middle of all the insanity is where the show will be heading. As of now we don’t have any other information on the movie other then a possible release date for July, 4th, 2018. I would advise you to read the rest of the interview by clicking this link.


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