PUBG Mouse + Keyboard Support Coming for Xbox?

Like many people today, I have been enjoying playing the recently released PlayerUnknown’s Battleground on my Xbox One X.  It has been a very fun experience so far, however I have discovered an interesting few things in regards to the peripherals that are supported by PUBG,

When I plugged my keyboard into my Xbox One X to my surprise i was able to move around, access menu’s and items.  While my mouse was not a supported device as i tried to use to rotate camera and shoot to no avail. This information leaves us with some unanswered questions though.  When PUBG fully launches on Xbox One will mouse and keyboard be supported? Will other games receive this support if that happens? With Microsoft’s and Xbox’s  interest in the PC market in the past few years show us anything, is that this could be a possibility.


While messing around with the keyboard in the game there is also an interesting variation between the system menu when you bring it up with the keyboard versus the controller.

This screenshot shows the menu when brought up with the controller.


This is the menu when brought up with a keyboard via the escape key.

Different menu’s with different peripherals certainly points to more then just a coincidence.  Could setting in final build lead to button mapping for mouse and keyboard?  Could this mean players could choose between higher resolution or higher frame rate?  This information leaves us with a lot of questions and not many answers.  Only time will tell if this support is coming to PUBG, or is it just a fluke?

You decide.


Video showing keyboard working on PUBG on Xbox One X


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