PS4 Version 5.5 Update Packs Lots Of Useful Features

A beta for the PS4 system update 5.50 is already underway and brings several useful features to the console. There is no word yet on when this update will be available to the public but here is a list of features to expect.

The first big change will be obvious when you browse through your game library. There are separate areas for your entire game library and games that are currently installed on the console. You will also be able to quickly determine which of your games were purchased and which came from your PlayStation Plus subscription. If your subscription has lapsed the Plus games will be marked with a “locked” icon; if you renew your Plus subscription then those games can be accessed again. If you just want to view your full games then you’ll be happy to know you can hide items such as demos or betas from view.

An option for USB storage has been added to the themes section. This allows you to import your own images and use them as themes on the PS4.

The new Play Time feature offers an activity journal and time management features. You can set time limits for other players on these consoles, see what your children have been playing and even opt to sign players out when they have reached their time limit. This feature can even be accessed from your phone or a PC.

PS4 Pro owners who do not have a 4K television will appreciate the new supersampling feature. Your system will render higher quality textures and downscale them to match the resolution of your display which means you should see a noticeable graphical improvement in your games.

And finally, a number of menu improvements round out the features list of the newest PS4 system update. These include shortcuts for the Pause, Play and Volume functions of the music player, improved access to specific people on your friends list and more ways to customize your team’s page in tournaments.

We will be sure to let you know when the 5.50 update is available.

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