PS & HTC Vive VR Demos Approaching GameStop

Not fond of PlayStation & HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headsets just yet? Well, Sony has revealed that they will put their product in GameStop stores along with the HTC Vive. Unfortunately, the Vive is only being provided in a select number of stores worldwide that can take advantage of this device being showcased and used by the public. There is a time restraint exclusively for the HTC Vive with its showcase at GameStop; it only being available 4/16/2016 – 4/23/2016.

Moving back to Sony and the confirmation of having their virtual reality headset at GameStop. Sony feels the same way as the questionable gamers feel stating, “Trial drives the conversion to purchase. You have to be able to go into a GameStop to try this. We’ll have a fantastic technology, but you need to get your hands on it. we want to create a large footprint in high-visibility stores to have front- window demo experiences.”

Sony’s developer of their virtual reality even threw shots at the Oculus Rift and HTC (Not knowing HTC followed in Sony’s footprints just moments later): “We’ve played all the VR that’s come through our office, and the setup time for PlayStation VR is significantly easier and the space required to demo is small, so I expect we’ll have a lot of demos in stores, unlike the Oculus or HTC”.

Well the developer is partially right with that statement. There will certainly be more PlayStation VR’s than HTC Vive, because Vive virtual reality is only being provided in these exact locations.

  • Brandon, Lake Brandon Shoppes
  • Orlando, Hunters Creek
  • Hillsboro, Tanasbourne Town Center
  • Latham, Latham Farms
  • Plano, Preston Road Plano
  • New York, Broadway at 85th
  • Bellevue, Bellevue Square
  • Chicago, Brickyard Shopping Center
  • West Hollywood, West Hollywood
  • Gulfport, Gulfport Plaza

Finally, there is a push to get these virtual reality headsets on the faces of the gamers and the more casual audience to enjoy and experience virtual reality for themselves in hopes of convincing them to of purchase the costly device later down the road. The only problem with this: health concerns. Will the virtual reality headsets be cleaned regularly, or just set there left for dust, germs, and other containment? Bad enough, you may just get sick experiencing it for the first time wearing it, but that doesn’t even compare getting sick from just touching the device. GameStop … please cleans your devices!

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