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Check Out The Protoype Footage For Canceled Spyro The Dragon Game For Xbox

Footage has just been released of a Spyro the Dragon prototype for the original Xbox. Twitter user Mike Mika, who used to work for Backbone Entertainment, released footage of the canceled game. According to Mika, the game was originally an “…Agent 9 spin off game, then Universal wanted to make it Spyro proper.” For those too young to remember, Universal Studios owned Spyro the Dragon and the logo was seen in the opening credits of the games. Mika goes on to reveal that the reason the project was scrapped is not really known. ” I think they had another team working on a separate one that was further along or better or something.” Another fun fact revealed by the developer is that the game would have been a multiplatform title if the project continued. Of course, Spyro did eventually come to Xbox, but not with this canceled game.


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