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Project Spark Grows Up; Year One Edition And Changes Are Coming

It is hard to believe that it has almost been a year since Project Spark emerged from its beta phase and became playable by the masses. Over the last several months Microsoft’s game-making engine and tool set for Xbox One and PC has been installed over 3 million times and over 150,000 creations have been played over 15 million times according to a recent newsletter sent by the developers.

As Project Spark heads into its second year the developers have chosen to focus on more creation tools and resources instead of making their own playable scenarios. The newsletter says that Champions Quest Episode 2 and all subsequent episodes have been canceled. The developers at Team Dakota say this is necessary to deliver more creative tools into the hands of those who prefer making experiences.

Another change to Project Spark is a simplification of the game’s marketplace. While the base game will remain free to play for the foreseeable future, a Year One edition will be available for 5,000 tokens or $49.99 USD. This bunle includes every single content pack released for Project Spark thus far (except for Conker which apparently has a different rating) as well as two upcoming content pack preorders: Biome Music and Battle Stations. It will also include 3 months of Spark Premium and 20 additional upload slots.

There will also be smaller bundles available. The Realms Series will be $29.99 and include all fantasy related content. The Sci-Fi content will be included in the Galaxies series for $19.99 USD and there will also be a Builder pack for $19.99 USD. Spark Premium will now be available in 3 month increments for 1,500 tokens or $14.99 USD with 10 additional upload slots or a one year plan for $54.99 which includes 50 additional upload slots.

Those who have already spent significant amounts of time and money into Project Spark will also get something. if you have spent $40 USD or more with Project Spark, logged 150 hours or more into the game or received 10,000 or more downloads across your worlds you will receive three months of Spark Premium with 10 additional upload slots for free.

Finally, the following expansion packs will be unlocked for all players.

Keys To The Castle

Gifts & Lights

Nomadic Warrior

Clovers & Gold

Champions Quest: Void Storm

It is good to see that Project Spark is continuing to evolve in its second year. This writer in particular looks forward to playing the new games from the community.

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