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Prison Architect: The Slammer Update

The prison simulation game Prison Architect has just received a new update: The Slammer. This highly-anticipated update brings a lot of new and changed content, but it also has one unfortunate side-effect. Now that the game uses the Paradox Launcher from Paradox Entertainment, Linux users are having trouble launching Prison Architect.

While the Launcher does run when you start Prison Architect, for those using Linux it immediately crashes. While this is annoying, there is a work-around. This article from GameWatcher outlines the fix so that Linux users can get to playing again.

Now that we’ve covered how to handle the unexpected Launcher difficulties, let’s move on to the update.

Updated Content in The Slammer

Prison Architect‘s new update has updated quite a bit of old content. This includes:

  • Deployment
    • The visual interface has been overhauled
    • Armed Guards and Dog Handlers can be assigned to patrol and to zones
    • Patrol routes can now intersect
    • Prioritization
  • More object rotations
  • Additional speed option
  • Updated security camera art to show where they are pointing

New Content

Along with the updates come new content as well.

  • New items
    • Floors
    • Walls
    • Objects including table, bench, bleachers, and more
  • New plots to start prisons
  • Additional hotkeys
  • Filtering options in the Objects menu
  • New quick menu items

And this just scratches the surface of what The Slammer has to offer. If you’d like to see the full list of updates, you can view it on the Paradox Plaza.

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