Prima Games Is Shutting Down

Prima Games Is Shutting Down

Prima Games has long been a household name for gamers, providing official written game guides since 1990. The company grew into the lead source of written game guides, oftentimes working with developers on the different books. Unfortunately, it looks like those days are now over. According to EGM Now, Prima Games is shutting down and will fully close by Spring 2019.

This decision was made by the Dorling Kindersley division of publisher Penguin Random House, who has been quoted by EGM Now as saying the closure was an “extremely difficult decision.” The writers and other employees of Prima Games who work at their three offices in Indianapolis, New York and Roseville will all be affected by the closure.

The Roseville office will be closing this month, while the Indianapolis and New York locations will remain open to finish up remaining guides for games such as Anthem. A spokesman for Prima Games talked to, confirming that Prima Games would be closing.

Our thoughts are with all of the employees who will be displaced as a result of how Prima Games is shutting down.

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