Prices Will Rise For 17 Million Netflix Customers In May


If you live in the US and have a Netflix subscription then you may be affected next month when the price for Standard plan subscriptions rise. Currently grandfathered Standard accounts have access to a two-screen, “HD” quality plan for $7.99. A newer customer would have to pay $9.99 where it had previously been $8.99 a month for the same deal, this is an increase as of last October.

As of next month, older customers on the Standard plan will have to start paying $9.99 to remain on their current streaming tier. 

Netflix is set to earn more than $30 million a month from the price hike but how many people actually know it’s coming? A survey done by JPMorgan suggested about 80% of customers were unaware that there would be a price increase for ‘grandfathered’ accounts. Despite this, JPMorgan also predicted that only 3-4% of the 17 million affected would cancel their subscriptions. You won’t be safe from price increases in the UK either because later this month there will be 50p rise in charge up to £7.49.

With Netflix putting more emphasis on original content it’s not surprising to see streaming fees rise correspondingly. Will you be affected by the new changes? Are you going to continue your subscription at the new rate? Let us know in the comments below!

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