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Preview: Deliver Us The Moon (Steam)

Last month, TiCGN had the pleasure of meeting the creators of Deliver Us The Moon and we were more than happy to accept a copy of their demo for this preview!Deliver Us The Moon - TiCGN

Developed by KoekeN Interactive, the adventure puzzle game, Deliver Us The Moon, tells the story of a rogue astronaut who is on a mission to save Earth, after all other alternatives have failed. Earth’s resources are nearly gone, the nations of the world are fighting (even after they created the Worldwide Space Agency, or WSA), and all previous missions to the moon were unable to come up with a resolution. It’s up to you now, along with your trusted robot companion, ASE, to save Earth, rescue mankind, and deliver the moon.

The demo I received for Deliver Us The Moon is very short; it may have taken me 30 minutes total and that was taking my time. This included the introduction conversation about your mission, the same as their story teaser video here:

The rest of the demo included the takeoff sequence (which I rather enjoyed), your arrival and exploration of the base, and waking up ASE. It ends as you run out onto the moon’s surface, with a gorgeous shot of Earth in the distance.

Now, first, let me get this off my chest. See my “trusted” robot companion, ASE, below? He hasn’t said a word, he hasn’t done a thing, I don’t even know if it’s a male-robot, but doesn’t he remind you of someone? Could you honestly trust him? I’ll be keeping my eye on you ASE….Deliver Us The Moon - TiCGN

So let’s get down to the preview of this upcoming Steam game. Right off the bat, Deliver Us The Moon seems like a very interesting, story filled game, with plenty of promise. As I said, the demo was short so I’ll have to go off what I had, but I definitely see a lot to look forward to for this one.

The graphics are fun and enjoyable. They’re not absolutely realistic, but they do have plenty of realism. During takeoff, which has a fun, yet easy, puzzle sequence, the shaking was a bit much for me (felt a little ill), but there was no denying it was a cool effect.

Even though there was barely any story with the demo, I was interested enough to continue until the end. The opening sequence and introduction of ASE was enough to keep me going but I really hope it’s fleshed out in the final version and players have incentive to push forward. I was really wondering the entire time “Why am I doing this?” I’m a writer and have a background in Creative Writing; I live for stories. I can’t wait to learn more about my mission.

Gameplay for Deliver Us The Moon was easy enough to figure out, but I would love to see some consistency or more in depth explanation of controls. While a few were mentioned during the beginning, I was often left to figure them out for myself and currently the game has no pause or menu for help (which I conveniently found out when I hit ESC to grab a snack halfway through my play-through and had to start over from the beginning!).

Deliver Us the Moon - TiCGN

Overall, this demo of Deliver Us The Moon definitely increased my interest in the action adventure game. I’ll be keeping an eye out for all further updates by KeokeN Interactive and I’ll be sure to share my findings with TiCGN!


If you’re interested to learn more about Deliver Us The Moon, visit their website or check them out on Steam Greenlight.

Hilary C.
Hilary C.
Hilary is a freelance writer who plays video games and D&D in her free time! Although she mostly plays on the PC, she doesn't object to consoles!

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