Crowns Brings 8-Bit Pokémon-Esque Action to PC

One thing to love about indie gaming is that there are works that take existing formulas and put their own spins on it. Crowns is a game that aims to follow the footsteps of Nintendo’s RPG behemoth, Pokémon. The inspiration from Red Version and Blue Version is evident in its pixel art style, but the game isn’t going to completely emulate Pokémon‘s structure.

While fighting monsters with monsters is still a key idea in the game, the core idea revolves around breeding. In Pokémon games, players would be able to leave Pokémon at a daycare for the possibility of breeding and getting the opportunity to hatch an egg. However, what hatches from the egg would always be an existing Pokémon of some sort. With Crowns, breeding will allow for the possibility of obtaining brand new monsters that share the traits of the parents.

I have yet to see this in action (the game is still at a very early state of development), but the developer was happy to share an idea of how it works. I was also supplied with an alpha build to get a feel of the game itself. There is certainly a solid amount of potential to be found within Crowns; the characters and objects are as identifiable as they are in Nintendo’s flagship franchise, and the monsters are imaginative in their own right. Perhaps as Crowns gets closer to being finished, we’ll see if the game does live up to the ideas it proposes.

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