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Predictions for Microsoft’s February 25 Press Event

With Microsoft’s Xbox and Windows 10 press event right around the corner, Jordan P. and I thought we would give our impressions of what could be in store.

Jordan’s Predictions:

Gears of Wars 4

No doubt, Microsoft’s biggest Xbox game this year, and will undoubtedly make an appearance at the event. Expect the Gears 4 presentation to focus on multiplayer, as a beta is expected to launch this spring. The event will most likely provide information on the beta such as game modes, maps and a release date. Microsoft will most likely tease a bigger reveal of the game’s campaign for this year’s E3.

Crackdown 3

With the multiplayer portion of Crackdown 3 expected to launch this summer, we will probably get a better look of what it has to offer. Expect the demo to focus on  citywide destruction powered by the cloud, again, but with other players. There has been some confusion as to whether Crackdown 3’s multiplayer will officially launch this summer or if it will just be a beta; expect an official announcement during the event.


ReCore was one of the more exciting announcements from last year’s E3, but news on the game has been sparse. With the game scheduled to launch this fall, expect some updates during the event. Microsoft may want to hold the gameplay reveal for E3, but a trailer featuring in-game footage is entirely possible. The developers may also be present and give better insight on the game.

Mahmood’s Predictions:

Fable Legends

Fable Legends will show off cross-play between PC and Xbox One and should set a new standard for Xbox Live, as avid PC gamers enter the fray. Cross-play coincides with Microsoft’s vision of platform integration, and will likely set a new precedent for upcoming Xbox and Windows 10 exclusive games with multiplayer.

Cloud Computing

Expect the Cloud to make a reappearance. I think what we saw with Crackdown 3’s utilization of the cloud was only the beginning. Microsoft have a potential game changer up their sleeves. Our own TIC podcast did discuss how cloud computing could propel web browser gaming and make it a legit way to play AAA video games and more.


Rumors surfaced of an Xbox subdomain was found in Steam. Could this be a marriage of the two? Could Steam games be on their way to Xbox dashboards all over the world? Again, TIC podcast discussed this possibility. It might seem ambitious, but with the current rate of technological advancement, who knows.

DirectX 12

Yes, our beloved DX 12 is sure to make an appearance. And why? Because it services both Windows 10 and Xbox One! The word is already out that DirectX 12 is significantly boosting GameCube/Wii emulator performance on PC, reaching a zillion frames per second. But in all seriousness, DirectX 12 will be a holistic rewrite of how efficiently PC and Xbox One games will make use of hardware.


Expect Windows 10’s savvy assistant to make her overdue debut on Xbox One. Some were gutted that Kinect wasn’t needed for Cortana and that any headset will do just fine. Preview members got to sample Cortana recently and its very likely that it’ll be available to the public soon.

More Cross-Buy/Play Titles

For some Xbox One fans, the sky was falling when Quantum Break was announced for PC. However, if you’ve been paying attention to Microsoft’s messaging for the past two years, the announcement shouldn’t have been a surprise. Expect more Xbox franchises to make their way to the Windows 10 store, and further break down platform walls.

Universal Windows 10 App on Xbox One

Tic Podcast also discussed this possibility, but is this one a bit farfetched? Could breaking down platform walls really be as deep as this? Could any Windows 10 app really run in every platform within the Windows 10 ecosystem? Things are all crazy now with the accelerated pace of Microsoft’s vision, so let’s not rule this one out just yet.

Stream PC Games to Xbox One

Finally, the drop the mic moment, drum roll please…. Microsoft could announce streaming PC games to Xbox One since rumors suggest its already working on it. The PC and Xbox One are now siblings in the Windows 10 ecosystem and nothing screams breaking down walls more than this. Perhaps if this comes to fruition, then it could be a true game changer if implemented correctly.



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