Predator Trailer – Mortal Kombat X

The Predators are no strangers to crossovers. The iconic movie monsters have faced off against the Xenomorphs, Batman, Superman and even Archie. Now they have their sights on the cast of Mortal Kombat X.

NeatherRealm Studios just released the launch trailer for the Predator DLC character. The trailer shows off most of the Predator’s moves, including weapons from the films like the wrist claws and shoulder cannon.

Despite this being the Predator’s first appearance in a Mortal Kombat game, the character has had a long history with the franchise. The Predator was the inspiration for Sub-Zero’s fatality in the first game; the alien hunter was also the inspiration for Mortal Kombat’s cyborg characters, Sektor and Cyrax.

The Predator comes out for owners of the Kombat Pack on July 7th and for everyone else on July 14th. Mortal Kombat X is out now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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