Pre-Order Xbox Play Anywhere Games On Windows Store

Let’s take a moment to consider the premise behind Microsoft’s recently announced Play Anywhere feature. You can buy a game and play it on both your XBox One and your Windows 10 PC. Your save progress can carry over from one system to the other. Sounds great but you couldn’t pre-order these games from the Windows 10 app store. While you could pre-order Xbox Play Anywhere games from the console or from, there was no logical reason why we also couldn’t do it from the Windows 10 app store. After all, why inconvenience a customer by forcing them to exit the app store when they find a game they want to buy?

Apparently Microsoft felt the same way. Today the option to preorder Xbox Play Anywhere games was made available on the Windows store. You can find them here. The first wave of games are ReCore, Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of War 4.

Will you pre-order Xbox Play Anywhere games?

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