Pre-Order Quantum Break and get Alan Wake Free, Windows 10 version Confirmed

With the release of Quantum Break fast approaching, Microsoft revealed on their Pre-order page for the game that when you pre-order via the Xbox One store you’ll get both Alan Wake and the follow up Alan Wake American Nightmare included via Backwards Compatibility when it launches this April.

This follows the poll Microsoft did last year which asked people if they would like these games included either via Backwards Compatibility or Remastered. As you would expect, everyone voted in favour of the game shipping with it included. Like previous offers like Gears of War and Just Cause doing it, it was to be expected. It also increases the value proposition of the Xbox One against it’s competitors.

Microsoft also revealed a Special Quantum Break Bundle, including Alan Wake in the Box which will release alongside the game this April.


Remedy confirmed the Windows 10 version of Quantum Break will launch on April 5th along with Xbox One. The Game will Feature Cross-Buy, which means if you purchased the game on Xbox One, you’ll automatically get access to the Windows 10 version for free! The game will launch in the Windows 10 App Store, and will not be showing up on Steam.

Quantum Break can be pre-ordered at the source link below

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