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Pokemon Shield Features Galarian Ponyta

Plenty of new Pokemon and redesigns of old ones have been released lately as Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s release date approaches. Now just over a month away from the games’ release, we’ve got a new exclusive for Pokemon Shield: Galarian Ponyta.

The redesign of this Generation 1 classic has somehow made an already adorable Pokemon even cuter. And honestly? I’m loving it. The smaller stature, multi-colored horn, and cotton candy-like hair all make Pokemon Shield‘s version of Ponyta look a bit like a My Little Pony, and I feel like it adds a lot of charm. The new color scheme leaves behind the reds, yellows, and oranges from the past and instead embraces greens and purples. It fits with Ponyta’s new type, Psychic.

What caused Ponyta to change in design so radically? According to Polygon, it’s from being exposed to “overflowing life energy”. Ponyta can also apparently absorb this life energy into its mane, which gets more colorful and may sparkle and glow the more energy it has. I, for one, can’t wait to see that.

Pokemon Shield‘s redesign of Ponyta also brings with it a new ability: Pastel Veil. It stops Ponyta and allied pokemon from being poisoned. It also cures anyone already poisoned when Ponyta enters the battlefield.

Before now, I wasn’t sure whether I wanted Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield. I think now the decision has been made for me. What do you think of the new Galarian Ponyta? Let us know in the comments!


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