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Massive Pokémon Update – Pokkén Tournament DX for Switch, Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon and 2nd Generation VC

Bright and early this morning (or late this evening in Japan), Nintendo took eight minutes to announce a bevy of new Pokémon news, bringing a bit of something for everyone.

The upcoming Switch title Pokkén Tournament DX will be the first Pokémon game for the new console. The Switch version is confirmed to come with all the updated Pokémon from the arcade machines, as well as an exclusive new fighter, Decidueye, making it far more robust than the abandoned WiiU version. Additionally, a three-on-three mode will be added to the game for players to really explore the depths of strategy and prioritizing their fighters. Players who will be in attendance at E3 will have the first hands-on opportunity on June 13th. Besides being playable, Pokkén Tournament DX will have an invitational tournament at E3 on June 14th, but the exact nature of this tournament is still unknown.

If that wasn’t enough, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were simultaneously announced at the tail end of the Pokkén Tournament DX reveal. Without getting too much into things (as much as kept under wraps), the Ultra titles will be alternative storylines similar to the Black2 and White2 games from the final DS generation. It also appears that the legendaries from each game have been modified in some way. The launch date for the Ultra games is set for November 17th.

Finally, The Pokémon Company revealed that Pokémon Gold and Silver will come to the Virtual Console on the 3DS on September 22nd, same as Pokkén Tournament DX. Much like the updated versions of Red and Blue that launched last year, the Gold and Silver versions will be officially Pokémon Bank compatible and have wireless trading and battling. Fans of the classic game will no doubt be overjoyed to experience it all over again.

More on these big reveals will be shown at E3 next week and additional news for Ultra Moon and Ultra Sun will come in the following months.


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