Pokemon Go Lunar New Year Festival has started

The Lunar event for Pokemon Go has started. If your taking a break from the game and haven’t been paying attention to the news in the game, then go out now. You have a chance to catch a shiny Gyarados. This Lunar New Year event will last until February 3rd.

Since this is the Year of the Rat, Niantic is going to be giving players special research that unlocks Minccino, the Chinchilla Pokemon. That even actually starts on February 2nd from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. local time. I’ll talk about that later in the week. Players will also notice an influx in red Pokemon. In your adventures look for:

  • Shiny Gyarados
  • Vulpix, Wurmple, Jynx, Charmeleon, Magmar, and more
  • 7km eggs will be hatching Foongus and Shuckle. Look for the debut of Darumaka

Players need to be sending gifts during this event. Rare candies will start to show up in certain gifts. Also, trading Pokemon will increase your chance of making that friendship lucky. Hopefully, everyone has a great time during this event. Keep your eyes out for that shiny Gyarados.


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