Pokemon Go Announces Legendary Raids

It has been a little over a year since Pokemon Go has been released and the game doesn’t have the impact like it did when it was first released. Yet Niantic is still updating the game and giving the fans more reasons to continue playing.

Niantic has announced that Legendary Pokemon will finally be introduced into the game. It was announced in this fantastic video which you can check out below.


Players attending the Pokemon Go Fest event on July 22nd at Grant Park in Chicago and players around the world are invited to collect Pokemon during certain times. If we all succeed in catching the proposed amount of Pokemon then Grant Park will be the first to see the Legendary Pokemon. If the players there beat that creature then everyone in the world will get a chance to take it down.

This is huge for players waiting to complete their Pokedex. As this even comes closer TiCGN will keep you updated on what is happening.

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