PlayStation Plus Games For February Revealed

It’s the final day of January and that means we have a new batch of PlayStation Plus games to look forward to. A post on the PlayStation Blog announced what we will be playing next month. Let’s get to it, shall we?

PS4 Games

The mascot platformer Knack was a launch title for the PS4 way back in 2013 and now it will finally be available on Plus.

Those of you who love to explore will enjoy Rime a gorgeous game with an emphasis on puzzle solving. You play as a boy who awakens on an island with a mysterious tower that you must reach.

PS3 Games

Spelunker HD is a remake of the arcade and NES classic. You are an explorer who enters a cave and you must reach the bottom to get the legendary treasure.

I hope you have a lot of free time in February because you’ll end up pouring it into Mugen Souls Z. You play as a goddess who must unite the power of twelve gods to seal away a threat to the universe.

Vita Games

Exile’s End is a 2D platformer inspired by those cinematic platformers from the 90s like Another World. This one is not very long – about six hours or so which makes it perfect for playing on your commute.

Grand Kindom is a tactical RPG with online combat. The setting is a continent called Resonail which has four nations vying for control.

And there you have it. What do you think of February’s PlayStation Plus lineup?

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