PSX 2018 Canceled

PlayStation Announces No PSX This Year

PSX is the long-running¬†conference held by PlayStation to celebrate the games and their fans. It was often an opportunity for fans to meet the developers behind their favorite titles as well as get hands-on with some of the biggest upcoming PlayStation titles. Unfortunately, Shawn Layden, PlayStation’s Worldwide Studio Chairman announced today that there will be no PSX 2018 conference this year. Layden made the official announcement during the PlayStation Blogcast and was quoted as saying.

For 2018, I know this is going to be a disappointment to some people, but we decided to not hold PlayStation Experience this year.”

He also went on to explain some of the reasons to why the PlayStation Experience would be canceled this year.

“We won’t have it in the States this year,” he continued. “The reasons behind that really are we don’t have…we have a lot of progress that we’re making on our games…Now that we have Spider-Man out the door, we’re looking down into 2019 games like Dreams and Days Gone. But we wouldn’t have enough to bring people all together in some location North America to have that event. We don’t want to set expectations really high and then not deliver on that. It was a hard decision, but we have determined that this year we will not hold PlayStation Experience.”

While this is disappointing news for a lot of PlayStation fans, with many great games ahead for the PlayStation platform. Perhaps at a later date, another event could be announced, but as of right now PSX 2018 is canceled and is certainly sad news.

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