Playground Games Is Working On Open-World Fable RPG

After weeks of digging for clues and intense speculation regarding a new RPG set in Microsoft’sFable universe, sources involved with the game have confirmed to Eurogamer that it is indeed being developed by UK studio Playground Games. This makes a lot of sense as the studio has the British roots that are so integral to the series and let’s face it – Playground Games has produced the most critically acclaimed first party Xbox One exclusive to date – Forza Horizon 3.

Microsoft had originally shot down pitches for Fable 4 but has apparently experienced a change of heart after the success of Sony’s open-world and story driven Horizon Zero Dawn for the PlayStation 4.

You won’t be experiencing a new adventure in the world of Albion anytime soon, though. The project is in the early stages of its development cycle and Playground Games is reportedly in the process of hiring developers to complete the expected team of 200 people who will work on the game.

The reaction of ex-Lionhead developers to the news of a return to the Fable franchise is said to be bittersweet. Many of them had hoped to make a traditional game in the franchise but the game they were working on, the ill-fated multiplayer experience Fable Legends was canceled and the studio shuttered. “I was a Fable fan before I was a Fable developer, so the thought of one of my favorite franchises of all time rumored to be making a comeback excites me greatly”, said Ted Timmins, a developer for Microsoft’s Sea of Thieves who used to work at Lionhead Studios.

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