PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Steam Roadmap Revealed

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been an incredible force in the gaming industry over the last year. Despite facing stiff competition from Fortnite: Battle Royale, it’s sold over 30 million copies on Steam and over 4 million copies on Xbox One. After many months of merely focusing on patches and improvements (bar a new map on the Steam version) Brendan Greene of PUBG Corporation is finally sharing their roadmap of improvements and additions to the Steam version of the game over the next few months. The Xbox version roadmap will be shared at another point.

Here’s the official PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds roadmap: 

When we came out of Steam Early Access, we told you that it was just the beginning of our journey. This year we’re committing to a major content delivery cycle every two months, the first of which is planned for this month. Each of these major updates will bring changes to specific systems and/or introduce new content. Smaller updates between the major ones will also continue throughout the year. 


This year we want to involve our players in the ongoing development of PUBG even more than before, and to aid with this we plan to open an Experimental Test Server so we can get your valuable feedback on our feature/content development cycle sooner and for you to have a real impact on how our game changes and develops going forward. 


It is also our aim to continually upgrade the game’s aesthetic side, and today we want to share some before/after images showing work the art team has been doing to improve the way houses are rendered in the game.

There’s also new content coming in the form of new maps, guns and an emote system. Here’s a peek at a new 4X4KM map, which aims to provide a higher density of players, for more frenetic and shorter matches.

This new map and the emote system will be coming to the Steam experimental test server very soon.

Brendan Greene also mentioned that new game modes are in development however, they aren’t quite ready to share them yet. New vehicles, weapons and weapon attachments are all also coming sometime soon. There’s also another full-size 8X8KM map in development, which will be coming to the test server soon.

Finally, there’s a list of somewhat smaller features that are also all in testing:
  • Achievements, in-game friends list and squad voice chat in the main menu
  • Limb and vehicle bullet penetration
  • Overhauled animation systems
  • Overhauled parachuting system
  • Better optimization and stabilization
  • Increased vehicle sound detail
  • Player sounds that correspond to the equipment they are carrying
  • Custom game system will be expanded

So there you have it, a host of improvements and features that Steam players can look forward to over the next few months. While this isn’t necessarily the roadmap for the Xbox One version, it does ultimately give insight into the content Xbox players can expect further down the line. Hopefully we’ll see more specifics for the Xbox platform’s upcoming updates sometime soon.


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