Play Up To 3 Hours Of Sunset Overdrive For Free This week

Xbox Live Gold subscribers can begin downloading Sunset Overdrive right now and play up to three hours of the game for free according to a recent post from Insomniac Games. This promotion begins today and remains valid until June 15th. It is suggested that you download the entire game before playing so you do not lose any trial time waiting on the rest of the game to install.

If you happen to enjoy playing Sunset Overdrive then you may be interested in purchasing the game, season pass or the deluxe version which happens to be on sale for 33% off through Xbox Live.

This is the fourth trial period of a game offered through Xbox Live. Previously Sunset Overdrive, Forza 5 and NBA 2k15 have been offered as free to play trials during weekends but this is the first time a trial has been offered for a one week period on Xbox Live.

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