Play Mirrors Edge Catalyst Before its Release Date

The newest game to get a 10 hr trial is Mirrors Edge Catalyst. On June 2nd players will get the chance to enjoy 10 hours of the new game. All achievements will role over to the actual game so don’t stress out about losing those or any game progress. Mirrors Edge Catalyst will be releasing in NA on June 7th and EU on June 9th for Xbox One, PS4, and Origin. Sadly EA Access is still only for Xbox One users. Also if you haven’t yet played Unravel, Need for Speed, or UFC 2 those trials are all available to play.

I know players don’t always like to be told that they need to join some subscription service that costs some amount of money per month. Well if you’re an avid player of Battlefield, Madden, Mirrors Edge, or any other game that EA releases then you really need to check out EA Access. For that low price of $4.99 a month you will get a chance to play games from the Vault and timed trials of new games that haven’t been released yet. All you have to do to sign up is click this link or check out the Xbox store on the Xbox One and click subscriptions, go to EA Access and it will all start.

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