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Pixels struggles as Ant-Man passes $100 million at the US box office


Nerds everywhere have spoken! Marvel’s Ant-Man has remained box office #1 this week with a relatively average drop of 57% from it’s opening weekend. The geeky-movie rival, Pixels, that had hoped to push it off the top spot came in with only $23.7 million in the US. Definitely a financial failure considering the movie cost $88 million make.

Marvel will be pleased then that Ant-Man will not be the flop that was predicted last week, when it had a domestic opening weekend only slightly bigger than that of The Incredible Hulk back in 2008. The superhero film, originally written by Edgar Wright, was met with great critical success if not commercial. You can read our review of Ant-Man here.

Continuing with the countdown, Minions came in 3rd and Trainwreck in 4th with $22.05 million and $17.28 million respectively. This takes Minions to a total scoop of $261.6 million in the US and $759.4 million worldwide.

Boxing drama Southpaw came in at 5th with a modest $16.5 million but on a smaller release.

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