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Phil Spencer Gives More Details On Project xCloud and Project Scarlett

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During the Xbox E3 conference today we got a slew of new information about games, a studio acquisition, and of course xCloud and Project Scarlett. Next Gen Xbox specs seems to be pretty substantial, looking to hit the ground sprinting. Phil Spencer appeared on stage to give the lowdown of what we can expect from the next Xbox and xCloud. Touching base on their announcement from last fall about cloud based gaming on Xbox through xCloud. You will be able to stream through both your home console and their own servers which runs off of Azure. First is console streaming. It turns your own Xbox into a cloud server for free. As of this October, you will be able to use their “Hybrid Gaming Cloud” wherever you go. Weather it be your console at home or their console in the cloud, everything is available as of October for free. Xbox Scarlett launches holiday 2020, alongside with Halo: Infinite day and date.

Project xCloud

Phil Spencer then goes on to talk about Project Scarlett. The next major powerhouse in the Xbox family. This is where it gets good. Built from the ground up for gaming and focused on gaming. Xbox Scarlett runs on a custom Zen 2, Navi processor by AMD. Four times more powerful than the Xbox One X. Using high bandwidth GDDR6 tech. Also boasting up to 120fps and 8k support, next gen Ray Tracing alongside what the Ps5 is said to be capable of as well. Xbox is also using a custom SSD as virtual RAM to help drive Xbox Scarlett. This is a very exciting time as we enter a new age of gaming, bringing insane new visuals, game play and games. This is a good time to be a gamer.

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