Phantom Dust Returns…As a Remaster

Back in 2014, Microsoft announced a reboot of the cult classic Phantom Dust. Sadly, that game went through serious development issues and ended up canceled in early 2015; Microsoft promises us that wasn’t the last we’d see of Phantom Dust and today they showed what was in-store. Shannon Loftis went on You Tube Live to announce that a remaster of the original game is coming in 2017.

The remaster will feature the entirety of the original game with Xbox One’s Xbox Live being added to the game as well Xbox Live Arena. There have also been a couple other tweaks and fixes to the game, however it looks as if the graphics are largely untouched.

This may be Microsoft’s way of seeing if there’s any life in the series to see if they should invest in another sequel or not. It’s obvious that Microsoft sees potential in the game, the fans just have to get behind it.

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