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PewDie Launches Revelmode

Felix Kjellberg, more commonly known as Youtube celebrity PewDiePie, has announced his own network; Revelmode. Revelmode is a digital network that centers around helping talent on the internet blossom in mediums such as Facebook and Youtube , among other platforms. The network will create all kinds of content, such as one-off original series, animations and clothes (but to name a few).

“I started as a gaming and digital-content fan long before making this a profession,” Kjellberg said in a statement. “The idea of Revelmode was built from my own experiences and will aim to bring together an Avengers-like talent squad to work and grow a business together.”

And it certainly is a roster of Youtube royalty. At launch the Revelmode crew consist of ; PewDie, CimmaonToastKen, CutiePieMarzia, Dodger, JackSepticEye, EmmaBlackbery, Jelly, Markiplier and Kwebbelkop.

But Revelmode is more about fun. The network is a fan orientated network, producing content the fans want to see/buy. Revelmode is also set to invite to help raise money for charities such as Save The Children.

I personally am stoked for this and cannot wait to see what Revelmode create. Check out PewDiePie’s announcement video below, or head to the Revelmode website.

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