The Bundled Game in Review – First Gathering

Oftentimes in today’s bundle game culture, we end up with a lot of games that we really just end up idling for trading cards on Steam. However, they are generally speaking actual games and not just asset flips (well, maybe about 60/40 in that regard). Anyway, we thought we would approach this series with the ideology of reviewing these games using a bit of a looser format, so you get a good idea for the game without the TL:DR barrage of information that you might otherwise prefer when making the decision to purchase a game. As such, let’s begin The Bundled Game in Review:

Robot Heroes

Robot Heroes is actually a pretty good game. Fully functional, no bugs encountered, an actual story mixed in between a pretty interesting SHMUP with a couple interesting and (as far as what I’ve played anyway) unique gameplay mechanics; specifically the single cannon with no movement and the way you use robots as both ammo and lives. Quite fun for 15-20 minute sessions and also quite challenging as the enemies and dynamic of what is happening on screen change to pace your progression through the game.

8 out of 10

Rescue Love Revenge

Rescue Love Revenge is essentially exactly that, in runner form. It also happens to be one of the better bundled games. As a runner, the gameplay is as simple as dodging obstacles and enemies (or killing them) while collecting coins and trying to get to the end of each level. Most of the 36ish levels were pretty easy, but there were a couple that really required precise jumping and utilization of the environment to succeed. It took 1.6 hours for me to complete both chapters. I imagine more will be added to the game as it’s in early access presently and there seems to be a bit of a broader story. Speaking of story, this is told via some nice cutscenes. The level design was effective, the graphics were nice, and even the basic audio tracks were pleasant. This one is a keeper, if you enjoy runners.

8 out of 10.

p.s. I almost forgot to mention, but in the second chapter, you will fall through the game a few times. Not game breaking by any means, but notable.

Glass Masquerade

Glass Masquerade is a bundle game I’m particularly fond of. It’s basically stained glass clock puzzles (like normal fit pieces together type puzzles), each puzzle with a different national theme. You start with France, which is functionally your tutorial, and from there, you unlock neighboring countries as you complete puzzles on a world map. That’s pretty much all there is to it although different countries have different puzzle difficulty levels. The actual artwork looks really nice and the puzzles are challenging enough. For me, this is a 15-30 minute at a time type game.

Glass Masquerade merits an 8 out of 10.

Behind The Door

Behind The Door was a decent, short atmospheric horror experience. This is essentially a walking sim, where you solve minor item puzzles to unlock new areas as you investigate these murders. Aside from notes periodically warning you to get out or that it’s too late, things like that, there really isn’t a lot of information provided as to the story outside of the actual product description and the intro. There is a minor surprise towards and at the end.

There were some bugs, most notably with the combination lock, which froze the first time around. I had to exit and restart to get it to function properly. Overall though, the performance was good.

Visually, Behind The Door is a dark and decrepit place, the place where terrible things have obviously occurred. You are armed only with a flashlight, which starts to burn low as your batteries drain. Fortunately, there were no lack for batteries around the house, so you won’t ever really find yourself completely in the dark. Which reminds me….I don’t recall if I ever found a use for one of the items (the fuse). It’s possible, but I don’t remember what I used it for if I did. The soundtrack similarly serves to enhance the sense of dread in the house. There are a couple lite-shock moments as well, but nothing that will make you concerned if you have a heart condition or some such. 🙂

Overall, I thought this was a decent but average title. Definitely interesting enough to keep you invested for the 45 minutes or so it takes to complete. However, the game really nails atmosphere, which ups it’s overall rating I think. Not a bad effort.

I think a straight 5 out of 10 is warranted.


MAZ! is not a bad game. It’s insanely easy though and the achievements are broken, so there is that. Ultimately, I just kind of zoned out, took in the music, and got into a groove until I died despite not hitting anything after getting to level 17. Interestingly, as long as you don’t exit the game after dying, you can start over, only at the level you died at, but with a complete reset otherwise. That will guarantee that people can finish the game if they like.

It is however difficult to note any real transition other than the level number changing after what seems like a certain amount of pellets collected. Once you get used to the controls and the hit box for your mouse, it’s cruise control from then on. You can easily coast through the game (until/unless you just randomly die as happened to me).

If you are OCD about achievements, I would stay clear of this game. Otherwise, it’s a pleasant little experience with a nice music track and is just complete relaxing. In fact, for a few minutes, I really didn’t even bother focusing on the screen. I could see everything I needed while just unfocusing my eyes like you would if looking at one of those optical illusion pictures.

I see no reason not to give this one a go. It’s inexpensive and competent at what it does, totally relaxing once you figure out the game’s patterns, and just kind of an easy time killer.

5.5 out of 10 (although if the cheevos and whatever bug randomly kills you are sorted out, I think I would rate it more like a 7 out of 10).


This was actually a decent first run as far as bundled Indie games go. None were bad and some were really good. I’ll be interested to see if this theme continues in part two of The Bundled Game in Review



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