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Peak Into the Future with Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update Trailer

The first year of Sea of Thieves is here today. To mark this anniversary developer Rare is showing off some of the things coming to Sea of Thieves. We get to do some fishing on the high seas!

Players looking to see a little more of what’s coming on April 30th can watch upcoming live streams. I’ve listed the date and time below for each live stream that will cover each item. This update will be bringing these new events to the game:

  • The Arena- All new competitive game mode that allows friends to battle each others crews to gather the most loot. Live Stream:Wednesday April 10th, 5pm BST/9am PT.
  • The Hunters Call- A new trading company that will help you get to legendary pirate status. Live Stream:Tuesday April 16th, 5pm BST/9am PT.
  • Tall Tales: Shores of Gold-Story based quests that you can complete with on your own or a crew of friends. Live Stream: Tuesday April 23rd, 5pm BST/9am PT

We will cover each of these events as more news is released. For now it is the first year of Seas of Thieves and Rare has some special things for you going on right now. Captain Bones original Cutlas is available now for anyone that played in the first year. Players can purchase a Golden Sailor Hat and Golden Sailor Cannons for just 320 gold. This will last until the update hits on April 30th. Also look for these voyages and special items:

  • New Mercenary Voyages offer medleys in The Shores of Plenty and The Devil’s Roar, together with a new Reaper’s Run Voyage, Commendations and cosmetics. There’s also a special Gilded Mercenary Voyage of Legends for Pirate Legends.
  • Any player who attained Pirate Legend status during our first year will receive a Golden Legendary Tankard, a Golden Legendary Hurdy-Gurdy, a Golden Legendary Blunderbuss and Golden Legendary ship customizations including a Sail, Hull and Figurehead.

Players can also download Sea of Thieves themed gamer pics and enjoy the song “We Shall Sail Together” on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and a few other music services. I really hope everyone had a great first year playing this game. I missed out on a few things but overall I had a fantastic time and I’m looking forward to the future of Sea of Thieves.


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