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PC Game, ‘Samorost 3’, To Be Released on March 24

Earlier today, Amanita Design announced the sequel to the much loved Samorost series, Samorost 3. A point-and-click exploration and adventure game, it will continue the story featured in the previous games while keeping to the rich, animated style they are known for.

Samorost 3 starts with the discovery of a magical flute that has fallen from the sky. You play as a tiny space gnome who uses the instrument to travel the universe to discover its origins. Travel to five planets and four moons while solving intriguing mysteries that lie in your path.

Aminta Design founder and creator of the Samorost series, Jakub Dvorsky, said “Samorost 3 is by far our biggest, most ambitious project to date. Our goal was to create something playful yet dense, blending the challenging logic puzzles of Machinarium with the more relaxed gameplay and tone of Botanicula. We think it offers something that both longtime fans of the series and newcomers will be able to enjoy.”

The game is expected to be released on Windows PC and Mac systems on March 24th for $19.99. The trailer was also released today on Youtube. In the meantime, if you’re a newcomer to the Samorost series, check out Samorost 2 on Steam.

Hilary C.
Hilary C.
Hilary is a freelance writer who plays video games and D&D in her free time! Although she mostly plays on the PC, she doesn't object to consoles!

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