Paradox Interactive Opens New Studio Paradox Tectonic

Paradox Interactive Opens New Studio Paradox Tectonic

Paradox Interactive is a developer and publisher original based out of Stockholm, Sweden that has often focused on strategy games. Paradox Interactive has opened a new studio called Paradox Tectonic. In the announcement post, they confirmed that the studio will be led by Rod Humble, a former Executive Vice President of Electronic Arts.

Paradox Tectonic will be based in Berkeley, California and will be working on a new IP.

Paradox Interactive opens new studio Paradox Tectonic:

“Our aim with Paradox Tectonic is to create open, fun, beautiful games which respect the players’ intelligence and enables their creativity, freedom, emotion, and sharing,” Rod Humble stated. “Our studio structure is using best practices for modern development: a flat organization in a low-friction environment with a team of highly experienced domain experts. It’s a privilege to be reunited with so many world-class colleagues from so many triple-A projects, and the team and I are delighted to join Paradox and be part of driving the company’s next cycle of growth. Our shared values of quality and putting the customer first made Paradox the perfect fit for us.

Paradox Interactive previously operated five studios, so the addition of Paradox Tectonic will bring the company to six internal development studios.

Paradox Interactive studios: 
  • Paradox Development Studio
  • Paradox Arctic
  • Paradox Malmö
  • Paradox Tectonic
  • Truimph Studios
  • Harebrained Schemes

Paradox Interactive recently began a new initiative with Microsoft to bring mods to Xbox One versions of their games. For more information, you can read about that right here.

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