Pandas and More Coming to Minecraft

Everyone loves to have new creatures and places to enjoy in Minecraft. Yesterday during MINECON Earth 2018 a new updated Biome and new creatures were announced. Players voted during the live stream for which biome would get an update. The three different areas to pick from where the Desert, Savannah, and Taiga. The winner is:

Players will soon get the chance to visit Inspiration Island. This is some new free content that will be coming to the Minecraft Marketplace later this year. The content is described as:

“A floating theme park world filled with creative challenges. Whether you are new to Creative Mode or just need a little extra inspiration, a visit here sets you on the path to craft your own groundbreaking worlds. By the time you leave the island, you’ll be a true blue creator, armed with loads of skills to make awesome things!”

Now players will soon find a stray cats and Pandas in Minecraft. Players will also be getting Bamboo forests which can be turned into scaffolding. Right now we don’t have a date to when the game will get these creatures in an update. So we just have to wait until Pandas just show up. Don’t forget to check out the new game set in the Minecraft universe.

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