Pac-Man: Championship Edition 2 Is Chomping Its Way to September!

Ladies and gentleman, Pac-Man: Championship Edition 2 is a thing! Namco Bandai seems to have always been sure they had something awesome going when the first game was released on various platforms. After all, they did upgrade the already awesome game twice with its DX and DX+ counterparts. We are now officially seeing a numbered sequel to the most notable entry in the franchise since the arcade classics!

As you can see here, even with those revisions, the folks at Namco are stepping up their techno-stylized game even further! There are all sorts of crazy things happening in this action-packed debut trailer, but you can bet you’ll be munching your way to Pac-Man Heaven after witnessing all that is featured here. Jump pads, dynamic camera angles, maze warping, giant ghosts, and more are proudly displayed! You can take a long, sweet look at it above.

This slice of Pac-Madness will be arriving to the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Steam in September!

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